social, health, political imagery through the lens of G J Huba PhD © 2012-2021

My theory (or perhaps more accurately, current speculation or WAG) is that one of the reasons that mind mapping may be helpful to those with cognitive impairment or dementia, mental illness, and other cognitive-behavioral disorders is that mind mapping engages those part of the brain that are also accessed through existing methods of art therapy or the experience of art.

I am going to start posting a series of “mind map art” models I am developing. In these new mind maps, I have tried to optimize some of the artistic elements of the map using the program iMindMap, my personal favorite on a Mac.

Here is small piece of #MindMapArt. Just a little experiment not good enough post at the local shopping mall. But meaningful to me because I am trying to express something important to me while living with dementia.

Click image to expand.

mind map  art from  the heart  01


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