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In the past week, the United States — based only on the Executive Orders of the President and not the Constitutionally mandated approval by Congress – withdrew US troops stationed in Syria.

The result was to allow Turkey to start a war of ethnic cleansing against Kurds who helped the US fight ISIS and whose families were living in Syria to avoid the conditions in Turkey. Russia also benefits from the removal of US troops from Syria.

Then the President shipped US troops to Saudi Arabia to protect its oil fields. This is while individuals allied or employed by the President or the US government are in the Ukraine intervening in the ownership and management of natural gas fields and pipelines. The same individuals seem to be collaborating with Russia (and possible the Ukraine, Chine, and North Korea) to influence the 2020 US elections in the President’s favor.

The President is violating both American values and US and International laws.

Dump Trump

In addition to dumping Trump I would like to see the US government prosecute him and his crime family. They should get LONG terms of imprisonment.

Over the weekend I did something I have not done since I retired from my job because of dementia in 2011.

I flew a round trip on airplanes including two legs in each direction and four hour connection times both outbound and inbound at the Philadelphia airport.

I flew unaccompanied.

It was a lot more difficult than when I travel with family and almost a night-and-day experience in relationship to the 20 years I flew between 100,000 and 150,000 miles each year without leaving the lower 48 states of the USA.

But I did it.

Should you be inclined to do what I did and fly unaccompanied, I have some very important pieces of advice.

  1. You cannot even try flying alone without the support and permission of your family and caregivers. Honor their wishes and judgments.
  2. You should talk to your doctor and take seriously their advice and concerns about flying. If your doctor says you cannot do it, recruit someone to go with you. Or don’t go.
  3. Do not even go on the plane alone without a LOT of preparation. This is critical.
  4. The most important thing you can take if you travel alone is a smartphone packed with lots of travel apps, and web clippings of important information like your air travel documents, key contact lists, an full itinerary, possibly a bank card integrated into your smartphone, and pictures of important information like your ID card, pill warnings, where you are going, who you are going to see, and much more. You cannot ever have too much information on a smartphone. But do make sure you can find it quickly when you need it! Note: I believe that you cannot leave your ID at home. Security checks require a physical ID card.
  5. As a rough estimate, I think that probably less than 5-10% of all people with EARLY STAGE dementia should be traveling unaccompanied. Forget traveling alone if you are in one of the advanced stages of dementia.

Here is a small mind map I made up while sitting in the Philadelphia airport a couple of days ago.

Click the image to increase the size of the mind map.



The most difficult part of the trip by myself was to get through security screening. Pray for a world where terrorism is no longer a problem.