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The US government — either through commercial insurance companies or self insurance — shouold be providing a free term life insurance policy to those individuals (doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, facilities maintence workers, ambulance drivers, paraprofessionals, other) who die from COVID because of providing services to others with COVID. The cost of such policies is not high because they are for terms, not for a lifetime, and can be restricted to deaths caused by COVID directly or indirectly.

The people who unselfishly protect you andd your family from COVID today should be assured that the people of the United States will aid their families if they die while performing these services.

Anything less is just plain unfair.

I’d suggest a total of $3,000,000 OR MORE paid over 10 years from the time of the death. I’d also suggest that the payment for each person eligible (whether doctor or nurse or technician or facilities workers or ambulance drivers or teacher or other eligible individuals) should be the same.

Coverage should be retroactive for those who have already died before this policy is adopted.

We have a responsibility to insure that the families of our COVID-related workers are not destroyed as a result of taking care of the rest of us.

My take on the issues.

Does Trump want to maintain data integrity by letting the neutral federal agency that typically collects and analyzes health data continue their independent work?

Trump probably told his aides something like this.

Bypass CDC and let my friend’s company process the data on the pandemic. He who owns the data owns the truth. Let the data stay at CDC …


Anthony Fauci has offered the American public and healthcare professionals his sage advice about COVID-19 prevention, treatment, and research. It is incredibly sad to see Trump trying to jail Dr. Fauci in a prison of Trump’s fantasies and anti-science views and false public opinions.



The world map below shows the percentage of people worldwide who said they wore a mask each time they went out on June 19.

The map is taken from the website of IMHE at the University of Washington IMHE produces projections of COVID-19 spread that are widely used in the USA, including by the federal government.

As usual, the United States is not using the most effective method for limiting the spread of COVID-19. Too many US residents think mask use is not necessary or is not effective. Why do they believe this? Would you believe that our president is telling them these lies?