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Watching your memories, thoughts, skills, experiences, friendships, profession, and most importantly your family relationships and independence disappear during dementia is something that is excruciating to experience. There are some things you can try to slow the process or at least make it more bearable. Here are some suggestions that work for me.

I do not know whether my strategies will work for you. Every case of dementia is different just as every person is different.

I do know that cost of trying the strategies that work for me is less than $1.50 per day. And I doubt that there are any other downsides to trying other than losing the cost of 40% of a coffee house drink per day.

If you choose to try my strategies, you may be able to lessen the pain of watching the onion peel. Or try something else. But do be aware that these changes are happening and make your caregivers and doctors aware that it they are happening to you.

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