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See your doctor if you have concerns about your health, cognitive functioning, psychological state, or other problems.

See your doctor a regular physical examination at the times and ages your doctor recommends.

The only advice I give is to see an appropriate professional IN PERSON if you have problems. Do not rely on information on the Internet from anyone, especially me. A licensed professional can typically only diagnose and treat someone seen in person.

If you have concerns about the payment of your doctor, talk to the receptionist or an appropriate person in the doctor’s office about what insurance that doctor will accept. Most take almost all but confirm this BEFORE you go. You can always ask about copays and the cost of treatment services. Your doctor may not be able to tell you this to the penny — after all, the follow-up tests and treatments you need are not completely known at the beginning — but she or he can make an estimate and refer you to appropriate public funding programs if payment for care will be a huge burden for you.

In case you missed the 500+ times I have said this …

this is NOT 2015