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The restaurant industry is a huge one world-wide. Talk to the friends that you have not seen for a while and probably dining options will be the second thing you talk about. (“Oh, I am so glad you are alive” will be the #1 topic for most people.)

Aaahhh, but what are the dining options tonight? Let’s categorize them into four levels of risk.

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The post is just a small sample of flyers, posters, and signs that can be downloaded from the CDC web site and used without cost.

This the link for downloading more than 40 flyers, many in as many as more than a dozen languages. The CDC site will appear in a new window.

The following images are a small sample of the content available. I tried to include flyers in many of the languages available. Go to the CDC web site (link above) to download PDF files.



George Floyd, Rest in Peace.

Thank you.

Your sacrifice and the ensuing love and commitment of the American people define our time. You made the future better for all of us.

The mind map below provides an introduction to the coronavirus-related ssues the United States has addressed this spring.

Click on the images to expand them. The first image is the entire map. The second is the first half of the map (right side). The third image is the second half of the map (left side). The half-maps can be expanded to show additional detail.