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The bulk of the posts in this blog document my experiences using mind mapping (and more generally, visual thinking) as a way to deal with my own dementia. My own history of using these techniques is briefly summarized HERE.

Since I starting using mind maps for this purpose in 2010, my use of the mapping techniques has shifted somewhat. More and more I use the mapping methods for helping remember to take medications (and more importantly to avoid double doses if I forget that I have already taken the red pill).

Here are some of the ways I am most often using mind maps in 2017 as my dementia progresses. Please click the image to expand it.


The most important of these uses are the creative ones given in the branch at the bottom labeled “creative.” These uses are the ones that keep me interested and feeling like my contributions can be meaningful each day.


Mom must have said about a million times when I was a kid that just because someone else (or a lot of someone elses) did something, it did not mean I should (or could).

In 2017, Mom probably would have said …

“Just because President Trump does it, does not mean you can (or should). Two wrongs do not make a right.”