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  • 22 MILLION people lose healthcare insurance (final House Trumpcare Bill)
  • 23 MILLION people lose healthcare insurance (first Senate Trumpcare Bill “repeal and replace”)
  • 20 MILLION people lose healthcare insurance (second Senate Trumpcare Bill “repeal”)
  • 16 MILLION people lose healthcare insurance and premiums go up 20% immediately for those who must buy individual insurance  (proposed Senate Trumpcare Bill “skinny proposal” to be voted on today)
  • 7,000 honorable, competent, and patriotic enlisted men and women “fired” from the US uniformed services because they are transgendered; they will lose their employer provided life insurance
  • 1 Attorney General currently being viciously shamed in the media hourly by the President
  • 1 Vice President mirroring the President’s viciousness
  • 1 Secretary of State currently under attack from the President
  • 1 FBI Director fired
  • 1 Special Counsel likely to be fired
  • 100s of BILLIONS of $dollars possibly illegally transferred from Russia to individuals associated with Trump and the Trump campaign
  • 1 Country under cyber-attack by the Soviet Union (whoops, Russia) and whose President is acting as if the Soviet Union is America’s BFF rather than a “gas station with nukes”

Those numbers are numbing and scary.

Numbing Numbers

The numbers listed below could counteract those listed above.

  • 435 members of the US House of Representatives that could impeach a sitting president
  • 100 members of the US Senate who could convict a US President and Vice President and Cabinet Officers of “high crimes and misdemeanors.
  • 1 President who could resign at any time
  • 1 Vice President who could resign at any time

We see so many of these ridiculous numbers every day that the country seems to have become numb. That’s a very bad thing indeed.

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July 15, 2017

Second US President Samuel Adams liked it. Third President Thomas Jefferson liked and expanded it. Why not our current Congress?

Well, it seems that Congress (and the 45th President) wants to withdraw funds for federally-supported healthcare insurance for 20,000 million or more currently insured people. Ironically, many of these Congress members like to cite Jefferson for the origin of their beliefs.

When the US Senate votes on that 9th secret draft of a healthcare plan, the shaking of the ground you feel is probably President Adams rolling over in his grave. His political adversary but lifelong friend President Jefferson will be joining him. Probably part of the rattling and creaking will be President Eisenhower — the first modern era president to strongly push for a national healthcare insurance plan for all Americans — and President Johnson who was able to push bills establishing Medicare and Medicaid through Congress.