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The USA currently has a huge shortage of GOOD leaders of all races, political parties, sexual orientations, national origins, religions, education levels, and gender.

Time to get rid of some BAD leaders sitting in positions where they can do a lot of damage be it to the social integration of all, equal treatment under the law, safety, human services, politics, economic trends, healthcare, financial services, international relations, or educational opportunities.

It is pretty easy to spot the BAD leaders. Here’s a mind map to help you do so. Click to expand the image.



Click here for Part 2 (in a new window) on the Fourth Characteristic of the “Bad” Leader.

And yes, bad leaders are everywhere!

If you cry for the future of the United States every time you watch television news, you might as well do something productive and go watch a classic movie. Here are a few suggestions.

Wag the Dog: The President did something hugely wrong. Let’s distract the public. Go to war. No war, no problem, have the consultant and a Hollywood producer invent one in Albania to run on TV. President has an all-time high in popularity after the President wins the war. Shoe manufacturers benefit from the fact millions of Americans throw their sneakers atop trees.

Doctor Strangelove: Let’s drop an atomic bomb. Whoo-hooo. A bunch of leaders will go into a bunker with more beautiful women than ugly old men and a plan for repopulating the world in 100 years. The bomber captain puts on his cowboy hat and rides the bomb down.

The Terminator: After the machine-led, world-wide Holocaust, a bad machine comes back and becomes a good machine. He’ll be back, certainly to host the show on which people get fired like White House staff.

The Dictator: A caricature of North Korea’s leader who wants to be seen as a kind and sensitive guy. Problem is his population is starving, a puppy almost buys off America’s most incompetent late night host but not completely, and the Dictator receives two unspeakable insults (he defecates and he loves to listen to Katy Perry songs while driving his tank). This a GREAT movie that has been ignored like the current situation in North Korea.

and one TV series … Game of Thrones: And you thought it was hard to deal with the US Congress, the United Nations, NATO, newspapers like the NY Times and Washington Post, television reporters from MSNBC and CNN, Vladimir Putin, Morning Joe, and Jeff Bezos. And on Game of Thrones, you don’t need special codes to have the dragons scorch the earth.