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Social Networks + Information Curation

I participate in several of the social media networks. Click on the images below to find me on the ones where I am most likely to post information.

Some of the best writing of my career has been done on Twitter, 140 characters at a time, and with input and questions from a “supporting cast” of 1000s, many mega-headliners themselves.
The mind map below shows the areas I tweet about. The topics include giants of medicine, health, psychology and healthcare, as well as 536 assorted clowns who say that they represent the American people (Q: Ever wonder why they are so weird? A: Martians). In between these two extremes are stats, innovations, stories, cultural references, and even the occasional YouTube video of a live jazz performance or a great comedy. I have become especially interested in ukulele, banjo, and mandolin music.
Another way to describe my tweets is shown below. The key words in 22,000 tweets were analyzed and the Woordle graphic shows the relative frequency of the keywords. Size is proportional to frequency.