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You are a Saint for dealing with this. Every day. All day.

If the person under your care has problems understanding and asks the same question over-and-over, consider using a tool like a mind map or other visual representation for the answer. It can be reassuring for a person with dementia to have a pretty picture to stare at to get an answer..

And it might work part of the time.

My post early this week about how my doodling style had changed over several years of cognitive impairment and dementia was very popular.

I am currently working on a very detailed analysis of how my mind mapping style has changed as my cognitive processes have shifted. I see some large evidence of visual learning, change, and possibly brain plasticity in shifting to visual processing.

I will start the formal posts later this week (and there will be a bunch).

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“The times they are a’changin”

For now, consider these maps from late 2012 …

FIG 1A Final Seven Reasons Some Healthcare-Socialcare Systems Achieve Better Outcomes Fig 2 Final  United States Presidents TIMELINE

early 2014

george huba the summary MIND MAPS final 360 INPUT FOR PROGRAM EVALUATION

late 2014

3Life with Dementia Cautions and Warnings choices For those with COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT or EARLY dementia

and mid 2015

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