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#PorscheByDesign exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh. 28 cars. Many prototypes and concept cars and Janis Joplin‘s psychedelic auto.

Obscene to own but gorgeous examples of industrial and engineering design, the style of these toys is echoed in many of the items much of the world uses daily.

[Note: Non-commercial photography of the exhibit is encouraged as is posting in social media.]

PorscheByDesign 1 PorscheByDesign 2 PorscheByDesign 3 PorscheByDesign 4 PorscheByDesign 5 PorscheByDesign 6 PorscheByDesign 7 PorscheByDesign 8 PorscheByDesign 9 PorscheByDesign 10 PorscheByDesign 11 PorscheByDesign 12 PorscheByDesign 13 PorscheByDesign 14 PorscheByDesign 15 PorscheByDesign 16 PorscheByDesign 17 PorscheByDesign 18 PorscheByDesign 19 PorscheByDesign 20 PorscheByDesign 21 PorscheByDesign 22 PorscheByDesign 23 PorscheByDesign 24 PorscheByDesign 25 PorscheByDesign 26 PorscheByDesign 27 PorscheByDesign 28 PorscheByDesign 29 PorscheByDesign 30 PorscheByDesign 31 PorscheByDesign 32 PorscheByDesign 33 PorscheByDesign 34 PorscheByDesign 35 PorscheByDesign 36 PorscheByDesign 37 PorscheByDesign 38 PorscheByDesign 39 PorscheByDesign 40 PorscheByDesign 41 PorscheByDesign 42 PorscheByDesign 43 PorscheByDesign 44 PorscheByDesign 45 PorscheByDesign 46 PorscheByDesign 47 PorscheByDesign 48 PorscheByDesign 49 PorscheByDesign 50 PorscheByDesign 51 PorscheByDesign 52 PorscheByDesign 53 PorscheByDesign 54

If you read this blog regularly you know that I experiment a lot with mind mapping methods and try to analyze how they might be best used to promote active visual learning.

It all really comes down to one conclusion — mind mapping methods help you think better. And active thinking is part of the “real” definition of mind mapping.

A few thoughts. Click on the image to expand.


Every year around this time, I go out and buy a new external hard drive, copy all of my computer files onto it, set the file to “read only,” and then archive it. The drive contains my memos, years of email, 14 drafts of manuscripts from 15 years ago, data from projects long completed, jokes I receive by email, contact information for hundreds of business acquaintances I will never hear from again in my retirement. It also contains copies of all my photos (many duplicates and out-takes) in a very disorganized state.

I invest in religiously saving this information even though a high percentage is junk that should be eliminated from the digital attic. I think there is some value in preserving this stuff, if only to reduce my anxiety that something got lost.

My personal insights, feelings, events big and small, interactions with people, history, memories of Mom and Dad, and all of the stuff that makes life worthwhile and important. HHhhmmm. Doesn’t need to be organized because I will remember all of that really important stuff.

IDIOT. If there is anything that should be backed up it is ME, not a bunch of outdated and stoopid memos.

Some ideas about archiving ME. Think about archiving YOU. I suspect this will be a very valuable exercise for both of us even if the “Big D” (dementia) is never an issue. Why not fight back against the possible Big D?

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Sadly, today starts the first day of super-aggressive end-of-year (online) shopping sales in the USA. I salute the countries where the capitalists are “controlled” by the social norm that you don’t practice aggressive capitalism on a religious holiday (of any religion). The opposite is true in the USA.

I have very aggressive spam detection on my computer and iDevices. Nonetheless my inbox is flooded with X% off, an extra Y% off, Z% off the list price that the retailer does not charge on any of the 365.25 days of the year.

I defy anyone to find a retailer who “honestly” states the “percentage off” on their sale merchandise. Even on a day when the world’s largest religion (Christianity, about one-third of the population, and concentrated in the USA, Brazil, Mexico, the Philippines, Europe, and China) is celebrating one of its holy days, folks of all backgrounds are out to swindle the adherents for the next two weeks.

Show some respect to both religion and mathematics.

And, I do not recognize “unbridled capitalism” as a religion although I recognize that some might believe their practice of it is a form of “Satanism.”


I use my Mac, and its software, primarily as an aid to thinking about everything from what to buy at the grocery store to how to develop large healthcare systems (after all, nobody working for Secretary Sebelius is doing any thinking so …).

I do not need a word processor or a spreadsheet or a statistical program. Rather I need a thinking environment, a writing environment, and a visualization environment. And a bunch of utilities to enhance the “big programs” that never come with all of the bells and whistles I need.

This is what I like for the computing needs I have. Remember … the computing needs I have.

If I only could choose four of these programs, in order these would be …

  1. iMindMap7
  2. Ulysses III
  3. Aperture
  4. Scapple

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or in 3D rendering …


Developing effective sketchnotes and synthesizing knowledge into accessible mind maps can be complementary processes. Information captured in the sketchnoting process might be best expressed later as a series of mind maps. Some thoughts about combining Tony Buzan‘s work on mind mapping with Mike Rohde‘s break through creative work on sketch noting. Combining these methods can result in exceptional ways of communicating knowledge one well-conceived page at a time.

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Synergy MM SN

Big Data (in service to the NSA) wants to be able to document what you do and when and where and with whom. All of the current databases that companies and public agencies maintain can now be tightly linked to get a pretty good profile of any individual.

But, these models of what people will do when you ask them to buy a DVD of Thor 2 or a suit from Brooks Brothers, are actually fairly dumb brute force computer algorithms that break down when certain types of problematic data are fed into them.

Hhhhmmm. Some thoughts below in the mind map. Click the image twice for a full expansion.



I put the first version of the mind map shown below on Twitter about 3 years ago. Several revised (evolving) versions have been posted on this blog site. The map is about the rights we all should be guaranteed no matter where we live, our color and gender, our sexual orientation, our religion, our beliefs, and our genetic gifts and challenges.

I keep working on this map because it might help at least 1 of the 90% of the world’s leaders who trample on human rights daily to at least start to realize what universal human rights are. [And I concede that the USA where I have lived my whole life has a very big foot and a heavy shoe and does a lot of stomping all around the world as well as in our 50 states.]

Is there some part of providing every world citizen with enough healthy food, clean water, healthcare, safety, education, shelter, basic freedom, and hope for a brighter future that is hard to understand? Do you really think a strong military presence so that you can plunder the human rights and resources of another country or your own population is acceptable?

Click on the mind map to expand it. The current version was developed in the new iMindMap 7 release.


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