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Rock-Paper-Scissors (Janken)

See Wikipedia for a VERY long history of this game.

Rock > Scissors

Scissors > Paper

Paper > Rock

[a circular triad] [nonlinearity] [recursion]

The great thing about this game is that you can win if you can read nonrandom tendencies in your opponent.

Strategies for Winning at R-P-S

Robots play R-P-S and never lose

Winning at R-P-S: Neuroscience

Math Models

Population Dynamics Predicted from R-P-S Model (Fractal-Like Shapes)


More coming. I might get a bigger rock to try to force life to be flat (linear). Of course the paper trumps the rock because the paper can assume a nonlinear form.

Or a thicker piece of paper that can withstand scissors but still be flexible.

Or a sharper (smarter) pair of scissors that can cut rock.

Or just try to read the opponent.