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In retrospect, the most difficult time in dealing with my dementia was the first few (about three or four) years. In the beginning, the symptoms of dementia hit me like a jackhammer and everything in my life became a crisis because I did not have the skills and tools to deal constructively with my new limitations, cognitive reality, and my shrinking universe. With a lot of help from family and friends and caring agencies, I did build up skills that have permitted me to learn how to “control” my new medical reality.

I write a lot about how I dealt with the problems caused by the dementia constellation of symptoms. I live well 10 years after the recognition of my neurodegenerative disorder(s).

Here’s where I was in 2010 before I learned how to approach the control of dementia. My message now is that it is possible to learn skills and tools that can improve the quality of life with dementia.

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