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Donald Trump promised America no more Happy Holidays but instead a Merry Christmas for all Americans (even those who like me who are not Christians a group which includes also includes Ivanka, Jared, and their three young Jewish children). He also promised to cut taxes for the poor and middle class. He calls this the greatest Christmas present you have ever received. He has once again told a lie, and this one is a real doozy.

Trump says he is Santa Claus. Instead, Trump (Santa) and his two elves (Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell) are pretenders and have been very bad boys and helped super-rich donors and friends grab all of the money. They have also told middle-income Americans to deal with it, suck it up, and pay-off the $1.5 TRILLION debt that will result.

The richest 1% of all Americans will receive 83% of the reductions in taxes. Santa will probably just bring you a piece of coal.

Santa Trump deserves to be impeached and/or in jail. Today.



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  1. December 20, 2017

    I am OK with you telling me Happy Hanukkah even though I am not Jewish. So why be offended by Merry Christmas? Lighten up!

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