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Google Glass can almost immediately be used as a technology to help those living with dementia and cognitive impairment recognize faces and associate names and other information, know their location, and make associations between environments and their own life experiences. The software needed to be used along with Google Glass is, in most cases, existing and needs to simply be modified for individuals.

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Google Glass &  Cognitive Impairment  Early Dementia

Blog posts and other information about the use of Google Glass with those living with Alzheimer’s as well as other types of dementia can be accessed by clicking here. A new window will open with current suggestions from a Google search.

This YouTube video shows the national award winning science project of four sixth grade girls. The future of Alzheimer’s care is in good hands.


I confess to being a huge fan of the TV show “24” during its 8 seasons.

Jack Bauer is back. A 24-hour day aired in “real time.” 12 episodes. How they figured out 24 = 12 is s magical property of tv “real time.”

Time to go set the DVR. Then I can make 12 hours of tv playable in 8 hours without the commercials.