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I use my Mac, and its software, primarily as an aid to thinking about everything from what to buy at the grocery store to how to develop large healthcare systems (after all, nobody working for Secretary Sebelius is doing any thinking so …).

I do not need a word processor or a spreadsheet or a statistical program. Rather I need a thinking environment, a writing environment, and a visualization environment. And a bunch of utilities to enhance the “big programs” that never come with all of the bells and whistles I need.

This is what I like for the computing needs I have. Remember … the computing needs I have.

If I only could choose four of these programs, in order these would be …

  1. iMindMap7
  2. Ulysses III
  3. Aperture
  4. Scapple

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or in 3D rendering …


I love to read end of year lists each December. I love to make them too.

I worked on a PC exclusively for 25 years. Two years ago in retirement I tossed the PCs and bought a Macbook Pro. The consequence of having this cool new machine with an operating system that actually worked was that I had to rethink how to use current creative software to replace all of the (Microsoft) bloat on a PC.

This is my list of my favorite apps. Note that I use my Macbook for “professional” activities like writing and surfing the web and blogging and social media and my digital photographs. I do not do games nor software that looks like it was designed for five-year-olds.

You can zoom by clicking on the image.

I use the paid or pro versions because the extra features are useful to me. You might be able to get by just fine with a free or minimal features version.

Huba Mac Recommendations  2012

I have a tendency to get so into stuff I am doing on the computer that I lose track of time.

This results in being chronically late during times of peak computing activity (like all day).


So I programmed my Mac to tell me the time. Every 30 minutes a nice voice of what must be a very nice person (all of my life experience tells me that mellow voices like these belong to nice people) tells me the time. Usually I am shocked that time has passed so rapidly.

Then I just keep sitting there clicking the keys.

Where the heck is Joan Rivers when you need her? Is she permanently locked into a New York City taxi cab?

Suggested message: “Get your fat, lazy ass out of that chair.” Or something of the same ilk.

Joan, I love you. Don’t desert me.


PS: Joan, if you won’t work for Apple then I am going ask them to hire Dr Ruth, PeeWee Herman, any New York sportscaster, or someone who channels Mr Rogers or George Bush (41 or 43) to do the voice for “get off your ass” messages. Alternately Apple might want Bill Clinton to record “I did not waste time on that program, Microsoft Office.”

PPS: Audible reminders from a human voice are nice. But to cause me to want to pay attention they have to be more compelling, annoying, funny, or stoopid.