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For many years, I was a heavy consumer of cable network news. I had (and still have) a TV in my home office that used to run all day on one or more cable news networks. As I started to participate in social networks and blogs and following the links for news suggested by others, I found social networks a much better delivery system for high quality news, comment, discussion than cable news. “Twitter killed the Cable Network News Star.” My observations about social media and cable network news are shown in the mind map below.

Cable News Versus Social Media

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I expect to see one, and perhaps more, best-seller books written by “insiders” at the two presidential campaigns on how they used (manipulated?) social media (especially Twitter and Facebook)  to gather many unexpected votes. There will be heroes who used social media constructively to help encourage all American voters to go to the poll, and those who tried to use social media as a more effective way to perform dirty tricks on the other candidate by untrue character or policy posts (all done via “no cost” advertising).

This is a much more dangerous game than it was in 1972 when Nixon’s campaign staff undermined confidence in the possibly successful presidential campaign of Edmund Muskie. Now just about anyone in the world with a knowledge of how rumors grow overnight in social media can attempt to manipulate campaigns, often for little or no cost. Remember that sometimes that big supporter of a candidate in social media is little more than a very smart troll.

At least one best seller in 2013. My suggested title is “The Troll Who Came Out of the Hole.” It will definitely not be a book for children.