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There are roughly 1,000,000 fairly inexpensive or free apps on the iPhone/iPad/Mac online stores.

Ever try to find the best task manager or calendar enhancer or text editor or mind mapping or … app?

It’s great to have choice. It’s not so great to get buried in it.

IMHO, most of the “10 best” guides are not all that helpful. And, since all of those 1,000,000+ apps are being updated all of the time to emulate (“steal”) each other’s best points, a relative ranking within app category is fairly meaningless if the review is more than 6 weeks (days/hours/seconds) old.


When I was in grad school, the choices were about the same as those currently in PenUltimate (size of paper, paper color, pen or pencil or marker, color coding, erasable or not).

Ugh. This is much worse than going into a Big Box office supplies store and trying to pick the perfect writing implement that makes it easy to write, makes you learn more and appear smarter, and does not smudge all over your hands and onto your clothing. (It also helps to find a writing implement that does not “bleed” when you leave it your pocket and then wash your clothes!).

Does anyone know which text processor, task manager, calendar enhancer, etc., app survives best when it goes through the washing machine?

+ high-res version


Technical note: this mind map was prepared with an iPad app (in iMindMap). I judge the quality of the map to be about as good as the Mac version used to create most of the other mind maps on this site. The iPad and iPhone iMindMap apps are highly recommended.

MindMapp is a brilliant new iPad app for mind mapping posted on the app store in mid-December. You can see my review of the app there. Break-through: this is an amazing app that changes the game, at least on the iPad (and hopefully iPhone).

To say that I highly recommend MindMapp is an understatement. Students and everyone who takes notes should have this app.

A map created in MindMapp about MindMapp. This was my first “real” map, and I know that I will get faster and better at this fairly rapidly. It took about 30 minutes to work through the instructions in the included self instruction module, practice, and then to draw the map.


Carry that iPhone everywhere? Then you are carrying a camera everywhere. I use a professional DSLR for my family and hobby photography, but I never hesitate to pull out the iPhone and snaps photos; the current 4S and 5 take extremely good pictures. Lots of pictures by pros on the web and in newspapers were taken with them.

Here are three exceptional apps for photos. The “joke” is a delightful one. As is typical with iPhone photo apps you can either process photos take previously or take new ones directly within the app. Try both options and see which fits your image capturing style better.

3 magic iphone  photo apps  and a joke

It is perfectly clear that Perfectly Clear should be on all iPhones that are used to take pictures.