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I put the first version of the mind map shown below on Twitter about 3 years ago. Several revised (evolving) versions have been posted on this blog site. The map is about the rights we all should be guaranteed no matter where we live, our color and gender, our sexual orientation, our religion, our beliefs, and our genetic gifts and challenges.

I keep working on this map because it might help at least 1 of the 90% of the world’s leaders who trample on human rights daily to at least start to realize what universal human rights are. [And I concede that the USA where I have lived my whole life has a very big foot and a heavy shoe and does a lot of stomping all around the world as well as in our 50 states.]

Is there some part of providing every world citizen with enough healthy food, clean water, healthcare, safety, education, shelter, basic freedom, and hope for a brighter future that is hard to understand? Do you really think a strong military presence so that you can plunder the human rights and resources of another country or your own population is acceptable?

Click on the mind map to expand it. The current version was developed in the new iMindMap 7 release.


If this is more than the second time you have ever read a post on my blog, you know that Donald Trump is not “well received” on my blog site.

Here is the worst tweet he has ever posted.

Trump is so obsessed with his “button” working that he has ignored and hidden the fact that his brain is not.

And here is a tweet from Lindsey Graham who has recently become Trump’s chief sycophant.

Mind maps are extremely useful for expressing an opinion or conclusion. Along with my conclusion that Donald Trump should be forced to resign, I also espouse full human rights for all without regard to the cost, banning all weapons of mass destruction held by ALL countries, and the full array of universal human rights specified by the United Nations. I also support allowing the figure-skating, Olympics-qualified couple from North Korea to attend the 2018 games in South Korea and enjoy the kindness of the host country and the support and friendship of the athletes of the world.

The President and his sycophants like Senator Graham need to be evaluated for their fitness to hold public office.




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This was originally posted on January 1, 2015. It was just as relevant on January 1, 2016. Still as relevant on January 1, 2017. And perhaps more relevant than ever on January 1, 2018.

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Getting rid of deserts is a lot more important priority than making pushing away desserts. [Donate the money you would have spent at Starbuck’s on pastry to go with the 900 calorie latte to human rights groups.]

And think about how many hungry people you can feed for the cost of your nicotine addiction or $150 running shoes in this week’s colors.

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Harnessing  the Power of the  World-Wide Social Brain


Imagine what is happening as these billions of people discuss universal human rights, diversity, disparity, and the material versus the spiritual. Keep those servers running.

I wish somebody had taken notice of the things I said in the past 45 years of my life about

  • peace
  • universal human rights
  • healthcare reform
  • free education
  • equal opportunity
  • equal access
  • fairness

Better late than never, here is a new tool that might help ensure that people listen …


I wrote the blog post below in 2014. In 2017, the USA has an even greater need to remember the ideals and teachings of Dr. King and the many actions he took to build a better America free of racism and other forms of discrimination. To this day, a mention of Dr. King’s name brings back a memory for me (and probably at least a 100,000,000 other Americans) of the time when a great man made the world aware that all people should receive all universal human rights and that discrimination cannot be tolerated in any way.

Sadly, this year we will celebrate the US National Holiday in honor of Dr. King the same week about half of the American voters celebrate the inauguration of a new American presidential administration that will try to deny many of the rights of many based on their religion, national origin, current residence, gender orientation, gender, income, education, and many other characteristics.

America has taken a giant step backwards. I trust the ideals of Dr. King can once again bring us forward from the darkness of discrimination, denigration, denial of rights, and despair.

I too have a dream …


Of all the Americans who lived during my lifetime, none has been more deserving of respect for his vision, ideals, and actions than Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I pray that his ideals will once represent the direction of the world’s peoples and governments.

The only way I see to develop effective medical treatments and care models for many of the thousands of rare diseases is to pool the RESEARCH resources that individual countries are spending and the data countries are collecting about individual rare diseases and put those research resources under international control for prioritizing research agenda and ensuring public access to ALL results and research data.

Yes, I know the USA (probably the largest resource contributor) Congress will go in front of the television cameras and say that the failure of the United Nations and the disproportionate contributions to a pooled resource fund will ensure failure. They will point to the failure of the world to effectively coordinate collaborative research on HIV/AIDS and point to politics, homophobia, disrespect, and the hatred of American politics by certain national and fundamentalist groups and say we would be wasting our money by letting Africans and Arabs and the Russians and Chinese and Indians and Asians and South Americans collaborate with the USA on research and ensuring that research leads to effective treatments for at least some rare diseases.

Enough already. Let’s rise to the occasion of solving resource limitations in studying rare diseases and get an effective mechanism in place for expanding the impact of admittedly small research efforts by individual countries through international cooperation. I trust the governments of the world to collaborate, contribute as they can, and help us start to get some of these diseases treatable. Disease knows no boundaries.

In the last century we collectively developed very advanced medical research techniques. In this century we need to use these methods to solve all of the medical problems possible by putting aside the nonsense politics and nationalism and individual egos and predatory profits and focus on solving many medical issues and ensuring access to effective treatment world wide.

Here’s a way to start. Any yes, this is a test of our humanity and commitment to universal human rights of which medical treatment is but one. But let’s start somewhere that should be relatively easy to agree on (and let a few hundred angry politicians in the USA know that the world considers them bratty children and cannot tolerate their obstructionist and oppositional behavior).

Click on the image to expand. And let’s start the process of collaboration.

rare diseases time for effective international cooperation

EU rare disease rare disease

The majority of my blog posts include mind maps or alternate graphics. Please look at the blog post archive for hundreds of examples. Also note that since is really just a “sampler” gallery that the blog posts may contain more current versions of these maps, and in most cases there is an explanation of both the content and mapping methods in the individual posts.

This page is intended to be a sampler of mind maps in various blog posts. This is not an inclusive list and there are far more mind maps in the blog posts than just the ones included on this page.




I am in the process of updating the page so that each image is linked to the blog post from which it was copied. At this time the process is not complete; the images are being linked in order from top to bottom of the page, but the process is incomplete at this time.

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HOT AND COLD  MIND MAPS2 HOT AND COLD  MIND MAPS 2015_05_01_20_04_04 Barriers to Dementia Care 3dincreasing  worries  as dementia  progresses increasing  worries  as dementia  progresses Every Day  I Use  Mind Maps  to ... I am very slow  from dementia i doodle because Tweeted  Mind Map  Guidelines Tweeted  Mind Map This is Now 2 WHY I  PREFER  BUZAN ORGANIC  MIND MAPPING  FOR USE WITH  PEOPLE WITH  DEMENTIA Training  Dementia  Caregivers  and Healthcare Providers to  Mind Map bullshit analysis 2015 T Map Styles ARE  Very Important3d gh3Imindmap 8.0

george huba  the summary

mind maps  may help  cognitively  impaired ...JULY 4 THOUGHTS  FOR A BETTER  USA
types of dementia


Huba's Laws OLD format


MIND  MAPS final Oddz and Endz Jan 2014 MLK do not let kids  get addicted  to e-tablets  in school 360 INPUT FOR PROGRAM EVALUATION Fonts, Colors, Styles 10 2CREATE THE  PERSONAL INTERNET  TO SUPPLEMENT  YOUR MEMORY


2MV  P


possible  side effects winter SEg SEf possible  side effectsBOXES possible  side effectsBEST possible  side effects7 cpossible  side effectsC Voila_Capture90

Universal Human Rights

United States POTUS 3D final


Mow Lawn When ... 3d

Coding System for Archstone Foundation Progress Reports. Elder Abuse & Neglect Initiative (2)

Clinical Trial  Double-Blind  Treatment Evaluation  in the Era of the Internet

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Fig 2 Final

United States POTUS 3D final


This page is intended to be a sampler of mind maps in various blog posts. This is not an inclusive list and there are far more mind maps in the blog posts than just the ones included on this page.

I am in the process of updating the page so that each image is linked to the blog post from which it was copied. At this time the process is not complete; the images are being linked in order from top to bottom of the page, but the process is incomplete at this time.

my  mind  maps


mind maps  may help  cognitively  impaired ...




possible  side effects

possible  side effects SIMPLEPIC

possible  side effects simple

Some Things to Document as You Age

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[Baker's Dozen of] Ways to Improve Mind Maps Purported to Present Expert Professional Content

Don't Believe a Psychology (Self Help) Mind Map Unless it Tells You

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How I amuse myself and others on Twitter 140 characters at a time.

Spent a lot of time in grad school at the Dunkin Donuts shop next to the Yale Book Store.


I published a statistical model of adolescent drug use in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology in 1981. It influenced many including those writing the drug prevention curriculum for the State of California. The graphic made it understandable.

How I spent my summer vacation.

You really can use real (and complex) statistical models to develop mind maps. And mind maps can present the results more clearly than traditional statistical tables. Some methods that are probably best for developing maps.

Tag Map for Web Site of UNC Athletics (9/16/12 – changes daily)

Tag Map for Web Site of the American Medical Association

Tag Map for Web Site of Yale University

Tag Map for Web Site of the American Psychological Association

In response to a discussion on Twitter about college-grad school term/research papers, I proposed my model for what works in 2011. Update slightly here.

What if the residents of the zoo had to hold a scientific consensus panel on their healthcare. Always gets a lot of laughs. Professional groups know this is really about Bethesda and Capitol Hill.

Inspiration Map — this example is a variant on a mind map.

Inspiration Map — this example is a variation on a concept map.

Mind map generated in XMIND.