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The US government — either through commercial insurance companies or self insurance — shouold be providing a free term life insurance policy to those individuals (doctors, nurses, other healthcare professionals, facilities maintence workers, ambulance drivers, paraprofessionals, other) who die from COVID because of providing services to others with COVID. The cost of such policies is not high because they are for terms, not for a lifetime, and can be restricted to deaths caused by COVID directly or indirectly.

The people who unselfishly protect you andd your family from COVID today should be assured that the people of the United States will aid their families if they die while performing these services.

Anything less is just plain unfair.

I’d suggest a total of $3,000,000 OR MORE paid over 10 years from the time of the death. I’d also suggest that the payment for each person eligible (whether doctor or nurse or technician or facilities workers or ambulance drivers or teacher or other eligible individuals) should be the same.

Coverage should be retroactive for those who have already died before this policy is adopted.

We have a responsibility to insure that the families of our COVID-related workers are not destroyed as a result of taking care of the rest of us.

My take on the issues.

Does Trump want to maintain data integrity by letting the neutral federal agency that typically collects and analyzes health data continue their independent work?

Trump probably told his aides something like this.

Bypass CDC and let my friend’s company process the data on the pandemic. He who owns the data owns the truth. Let the data stay at CDC …


Anthony Fauci has offered the American public and healthcare professionals his sage advice about COVID-19 prevention, treatment, and research. It is incredibly sad to see Trump trying to jail Dr. Fauci in a prison of Trump’s fantasies and anti-science views and false public opinions.



The world map below shows the percentage of people worldwide who said they wore a mask each time they went out on June 19.

The map is taken from the website of IMHE at the University of Washington IMHE produces projections of COVID-19 spread that are widely used in the USA, including by the federal government.

As usual, the United States is not using the most effective method for limiting the spread of COVID-19. Too many US residents think mask use is not necessary or is not effective. Why do they believe this? Would you believe that our president is telling them these lies?

The restaurant industry is a huge one world-wide. Talk to the friends that you have not seen for a while and probably dining options will be the second thing you talk about. (“Oh, I am so glad you are alive” will be the #1 topic for most people.)

Aaahhh, but what are the dining options tonight? Let’s categorize them into four levels of risk.

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The post is just a small sample of flyers, posters, and signs that can be downloaded from the CDC web site and used without cost.

This the link for downloading more than 40 flyers, many in as many as more than a dozen languages. The CDC site will appear in a new window.

The following images are a small sample of the content available. I tried to include flyers in many of the languages available. Go to the CDC web site (link above) to download PDF files.



George Floyd, Rest in Peace.

Thank you.

Your sacrifice and the ensuing love and commitment of the American people define our time. You made the future better for all of us.

The mind map below provides an introduction to the coronavirus-related ssues the United States has addressed this spring.

Click on the images to expand them. The first image is the entire map. The second is the first half of the map (right side). The third image is the second half of the map (left side). The half-maps can be expanded to show additional detail.

Getting a grasp on the size of the coronavirus pandemic is a hard thing whether you watch TV or read newspapers. Yes, the numbers are large but what does large mean.

Here is a simple comparison. In three weeks we have the number of deaths a nuclear weapon might cause.



Don’t be a fool. Take COVID-19 seriously. Very seriously. US policy on COVID-19 is very foolish at this time (May 26, 2020).


Interesting weekend. Lots of pictures in new stories of Americans jammed into swimming pools and lying on beaches with no concern for social distancing.

And, in most Memorial Day weekend pictures face masks were nowhere to be seen. I guess the celebrations were not very worried about what would happen to their family and friends if they sneezed on them. Or maybe they were just modeling Trump’s childish behavior of not wearing a mask.

Not wearing a mask is so Trumpian.


With minor editing and additions, this mind map was developed from information on the CDC website.

I have suggested for years that a lot of the summary information from the CDC and other government websites should be summarized in a visual format.

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Note: The Boss does not approve of any information appearing on pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The information is truthful. The Boss is not.

The United States used to be the leader of the free world. We provided plans, strategies, resources, money, and hope to the rest of the world. We were empathic. We respected the ideas and actions of our partners.

Then we got stuck with the worst president of the United States ever. And the worst pandemic in one hundred years.

We did not deliver as promised and expected by the rest of the world.

Please give us another chance to do what we should have done in the first place.

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Had the White House admitted that the COVID-19 epidemic in the United States was inevitable and started to implement strategies to keep the virus well-contained in the United States, 10s of thousands of people in the US, and 100s of thousands of people throughout the world would not have died. Also, if the White House had acted earlier, the US and the World might not be the worst financial depression in history.

Partisanship cannot fight a pandemic. Nor can the worst president in US history.

We can adjust to the new normal that COVID-19 will cause as we deal with the deaths, financial disaster, and general chaos created over 3.5 years by Donald Trump, the President who steals from the poor to pay the rich.

But we need to stopping dreaming of the good old days from two months ago and wake up with our feelings of responsibility to make American work for all of our residents. We can do it, but we do need to take stock of what our strengths are now and proceed instead of mourning for the way things used to be.

We have it within us. Ignore Trump and his merry band of idiot s and let’s forge a revitalized USA that is good for ALL of us.

It’s getting to me. It’s probably getting to you. One day Trump disband the COVID-19 Task Force as the US hit a new national high of virus deaths. The next day he restores the Task Force commenting at the time that its TV ratings we so high he decided we needed it.

In other directions, tomorrow may be a much better day. The South Korean Baseball Organization is starting their season with empty seats and broadcasting to the USA in English (overnight but I will record it).

Gotta find a KBO hat online.

Trump announced today that he would continue the US committee that presumably “advises” him (admittedly a fully impossible task) after announcing its dissolution. Trump’s attempt to silence his critics (many of the scientific-medical members) on the committee was transparent and greeted what can be described as a Twitter excrement storm.

The committee is now back the next day and hopefully, Drs. Fauci and Birx will get the face time that most of the watchers of their televised press briefings see as the only honest information being shared.

Stay vigilant. Trump will try to sneak this past us again in a few days.



10 STATES are currently ignoring excellent stay-in-place recommendations from Dr. Fauci and Dr. Brix. President Trump is encouraging states to ignore recommendations supported by the vast majority of physicians in current practice.

These actions make it very likely we will be having a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the fall and winter.

Most of the states revolting against Public Health standards are already seeing coronavirus flare-ups. Unfortunately, 3 of them border on my state. Fortunately, our Governor just extended the stay-at-home period for North Carolina in spite of the fact that our rate of infection and the number of deaths is relatively low.

Testing and contact tracking are absolutely required before re-opening states. The federal government has totally ignored its responsibility to set up a national COVID-19 test program and provide supplies and staff to all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (Dr. Christopher Murray, Director) has developed perhaps the most useful model for predicting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the 50 US State, the District of Columbia, and US territories. I consider the IMHE model as the most useful (and valid) model available. I was both trained in such models of healthcare needs and outcomes and used them for 35 years until my retirement. I applaud their work and am very grateful they have made this significant scientific contribution. There is no doubt in my mind that IMHE’s work has saved thousands of lives.

In the past week (last week of April 2020) IMHE has made estimates of when each state can gradually start to reduce social distancing restrictions SLOWLY AND GRADUALLY. Their predictions assume that all states maintain severe social distancing restrictions until the stated start dates. And critically their predictions assume that there are adequate COVID-19 testing and tracking materials and human resources available.

Unfortunately, to this date, while the President and Vice President have asserted that such resources for testing and tracking exit now and in the past few months have existed, their assertions are unfortunately lies and there have not been enough testing materials and trackers at any time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The IMHE estimates are superior, but their presentations on their server are definitely very difficult for those other than scientists to understand as they require manipulations of a large database.

Since I know what they are talking about but am confused and surprised by their data presentations, I made a chart from their own data and analyses to simplify and present their results a less technical way.

The big questions to US citizens in when they can start safely (for themselves and fellow citizens) gradually. Below is a mind map that is a cumulative set of estimates of when the US states can BEGIN to taper social distancing regulations GRADUALLY.

The IMHE Director has appeared on television in the last two days and said that they hope to have revised estimates by the weekend.  I will revise the graphic when they release updated data.

Here is the overall calendar of when each state may start lifting social distancing restrictions and then monitoring results and determining whether restrictions must be restored.

The master calendar derived from the IMHE analyses, data, and conclusions. If states open before the suggested dates, the estimates will need to be moved later.

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George J. Huba, PhD

Governor Cuomo’s daily briefing is done at approximately 11:30 AM Eastern Time every day. I highly recommend watching this one.

President Trump conducts a daily COVID-19 campaign event every day at approximately 5:30 PM Eastern Time. It is not really a briefing when Trump is speaking but at times another participant will make a statement that has not been censored by the President. If both Drs Birx and Fauci are not presenting, watching is of little value if you wish to hear scientific as opposed to political recommendations. Most days Trump dominates the event and turns it into a political advertisement for his re-election and open criticisms of the world-wide press coverage he receives.

I agree with the recent poll results comparing the information from Governor Cuomo and President Trump conducted among registered New York voters from April 19-23, 2020.




Some people also put a coffee filter inside the centerfolds.

Here’s another one of a different design.

There hundreds of other instruction videos for face masks on Youtube.  Check them out. Most are very simple to make and cost pennies. No sewing required for many designs.


From 1990 through 2010 I was the lead evaluator of HIV/AIDS Special Projects of National Significance for the US Department of Health and Human Services as well local projects funded through states, counties, and foundations. In total, I got to visit and know more than 400 health care and social services agencies in 35 states. The HIV/AIDS experience strongly informs a much better approach to the COVID-19 pandemic response and re-opening the economy than is currently being offered by the White House.

The plan briefly outlined here should work well. It answers a number of needs including training more than 100,000 unemployed and underemployed workers and will improve the outcomes of the COVID-19 services. It is also relatively resource-neutral because salaries will be offset by future income tax revenues and decreased unemployment insurance benefits while providing career advancement and job opportunities to a large number of individuals selected to represent the communities from which they originate. It should help cut health disparities.

After hiring, it is my belief that the labor force can be trained to test for COVID-19 and track cases. The testing may require individuals trained and possibly licensed in a relevant healthcare discipline but those requirements could be waived on an interim (or permanent) basis. Training should not take much time as initially a small set of skills need to be developed. See this source for information on the licensure-training waiver for emergencies on a state-by-state basis: waiver rules.

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