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Trump proposed a way for dealing with natural disasters in San Juan, Puerto Rico after a hurricane devastated the island.

Now he is doing even less as the tsunami of COVID hits the whole USA at the same time. Papers towels do not work very well fighting COVID even though at times US medical professionals have needed to use them as for PPE during the COVID pandemic because Trump refused to pay for PPE for the national stockpile of medical supplies.

Trump's visit to Puerto Rico had poor optics - The Morning Call


So you are flying home for the weekend. Fortunately I get to stay inside my condo and stay far, far away from you in a healthier universe.

Here is the visual form of the arguments of the day explaining how those who like to travel spread COVID around for the rest of us forcing retreat into the Star Wars, Star Trek, and football universes this weekend.

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Remember, even if you believe the airplane is safe due to air filtration (and it isn’t), there are one heck of a lot of those infected with COVID in the airplane terminals. And they come from all states and many foreign countries.

At least wear a mask and wash your hands. Maybe that will help you not bring your grandmother a very unwanted present.