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My mind can hardly grasp the idea of a $2 trillion and more budget package to help stem the damage from the coronavirus pandemic and pitiful way that federal government failed to use the best medical methods to help control and diminish the outcomes from the outbreak. Among other things, it is also absurd that President Trump insists on having a $500 billion slush fund within the appropriation that he will probably use to buy votes for the 2020 election and reward donors and supporters. Of course, he also demands sole control over the slush fund.

After we get the coronavirus tragedy (and federal fiasco) under control and protect our citizens and their businesses, we will also need to turn our attention to climate change. Why. not also use the coronavirus appropriation to also support the “greening” of America and the continuation of our species.

A lot of money will be spent on creating jobs after the pandemic. Those new jobs should be within “green” projects and tp companies that improve the planet and not those like coal and petrochemical industries that destroy it. The new jobs should be ones that are better in their working conditions and benefits and salaries than the existing ones displaced. A lot of new green companies and job training for green jobs could be provided for displaced workers and those jobs would also make an effect upon stopping climate change.

American ingenuity could take us a long way toward fully recovering from the pandemic and dealing with climate change at the same time. Let’s not do it the same old way the current White House wants. Let’s protect our children’s futures by using the money necessary to recover from the pandemic to also address climate change. We want power plants that are “clean” and not using coal or petroleum as their power sources. So develop green companies. The airlines want to be saved and in the interest of climate improvement, they can be required to cut the emissions from their airplanes (the p.rimary source of air pollution). Automobile manufacturers will want to be helped; that is a lot more valuable for the future US environment if 100%k of the cars manufactured with pandemic recovery funds are fully electric. And so on.

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