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It’s pretty hard to find anything good to say about the federal government’s response except to thank G-d that Nancy Pelosi is around. As always we have brilliant, dedicated, and empathetic health care professionals trying their hardest to get us through a pandemic. They show up, they provide the best healthcare they can, and we are damn lucky to have them. Had the US government had our hospitals and medical supplies ready at the earliest stages of the pandemic, the world might have been facing a more easily contained outbreak that could have avoided many of the deaths and erosions of our lives.

The US Government was not ready. For three years, there has been no federal leadership that was appropriate for preparing for a pandemic or a huge natural disaster. Highly trained experts, medical leaders, and bureaucrats had been forced out of the Executive Branch, to be replaced (if they were replaced at all) by the what can be termed at best frivolous hires that were inappropriate and with replacement hires (appointees) incompetently selected for their political affiliations, not professional training and achievements.

In spite of a deliberate attempt to cut medical and social services in the USA, we are still fortunate to have marvelously trained doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals ready to help. But our bureaucrats, as of this day, still cannot them the medical tests, supplies, and facilities that they need to minimize the effects of the pandemic. Politics and greed in the Executive Branch of the US government have greatly affected the healthcare system of the United States and left our country without the resources needed in times of disaster.

In a word, it was and is STUPID.

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