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The way the USA is handling the COVID-19 pandemic is anemic and pathetic. Yes, we all know in our hearts that if we had a different President who was a good decision-maker, empathic, smart, honest, and a good man we would not be where we are in our misguided attempts to control the pandemic and provide treatment. Also, the world’s stock market would not be bleeding resources.

We need to carefully examine what we are doing — and it will only take two hours to do so as we all know what is happening — and design and implement what our experts know and have told us is the best strategy.

This is not a pissing contest between the Republicans and the Democrats in the USA. Can we fix all of the fights? Probably not, but we can salvage some of the service systems and prevent the full carnage the current programs will create. Every time an idiotic President, Senator,  or House representative refuses to do what our medical professionals have told us is the best course of action,  a lot of people die.

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Even an old man with dementia can see the patterns and consequences of what the US government is doing and not doing now. We don’t need to panic, we need to listen to those who know what is best for us to do. Every time we accept an illogical and inaccurate statement from the US President or Congress we sign a death warrant for more of our citizens. LISTEN TO THE EXPERTS.