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I use Grammarly with my blog and social media posts as well as everything else I type to check spelling and grammar. Grammarly works well with both USAish, UKish, and the English of the rest of the world.

Grammarly is an advanced editor that is extremely that catches most spelling errors and surprises me all of the time with its excellent grammar suggestions

Grammarly works well in virtually all programs I use such as WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, note editors, email, and many other apps.

Donald Trump should acquire copies for his own unsecured cell phone tweets and his speech writer. After all, what is an inane idea with spelling errors?. This problem is probably also driving the Russians and Chinese crazy, especially if they are trying to use Google Translate..


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  1. Donna Laflamme #
    June 2, 2019

    That was hilarious!!!


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