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In case you were wondering which topics might be selected for mind¬†maps to help patients and their caregivers with cognitive disabilities or dementia …

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And, yes you are correct, this is the same diagram as in the prior post with just the title changed from sketchnotes to mind maps.

I think that is the exact point I am trying to make.

Use what works.


I have come to the conclusion that the process of mind mapping forces a structure onto the brain that can help it deal with some of the problems of dementia. Mind mapping — at least for me — seems to force a structure for attempting organized thought that engages different (undamaged?) parts of the brain. I have no proof: there have been no brain wave studies of individuals while they are using visual thinking methods. My experience of five years has led me to believe that is why my mind mapping works. I await some formal studies which will reassure others if not me.

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