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Data fly across the TV screen all day since I keep it tuned pretty much all of the time to cable news (with the exception of Star Trek Discovery, of course).

To all of the politicians (and Donald Trump is by far the worst), pseudo scientists, analysts for TV networks who know little about analysis, doctors pushing natural products not proven to be helpful, athletes and other endorsers, and lobbyists paid or pro-bono, I want to scream SHOW ME THE DATA. I would be willing to bet that only about 33% of all statistics cited on TV, especially by the President, have any data behind the speakers’ claims.

A lot of what is called Fake News or Junk Science may be intentionally lying or it might just reflect on a speaker who is too lazy to look up the actual data and facts before going on TV and spouting off. Either way, it is not acceptable.

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Show Me the Data



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