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The best mind maps are stories.

  • How dementia is diagnosed.
  • Where you can receive experimental treatments for cancer.
  • History of immigration to the USA.
  • History of the United States Virgin Islands.
  • Strategies for re-building Puerto Rico after it was leveled by a hurricane.
  • What components should be in a comprehensive healthcare plan?
  • How Russia and American citizens conspire to launder money through US banks and businesses.
  • The size of food, water, and medicine problems in various geographical areas.
  • The story of how Edison stole credit for AC (alternating current electricity) from Tesla.
  • The location of abortion clinics in the United States and what each provides as general healthcare services to women whether seeking an abortion or not.
  • What you did on your summer vacation.
  • Recollections of people and places.
  • Your grocery list.
  • Recipes.
  • Family history.
  • Favorite music.
  • Your appointments for the week.

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Well organized and visually compelling information can “turn on” many parts of the brain. Having information stored in multiple places in the brain is an excellent strategy for retaining functions should there be brain damage or disease.

Great “mind map” stories include many different elements to make them memorable, distinct, attention-grabbing, and engaging.



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