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Here are a few observations about the relationship between the views of President Trump and some well-known movies and television series.

The Godfather (Parts I & II): How to Govern the United States

Goodfellas: How to Run a Presidential Cabinet

Wag the Dog: How to Get Elected President

24 (Any Season): Potus wants to be Jack Bauer and eliminate anyone who works against him

Any movie based on a Tom Clancy novel: Trump wants to be Jack Ryan and eliminate anyone who works against him

Dr Strangelove: Trump wants to move into the bunker

The Manchurian Candidate: How Putin manages Trump

Any John Wayne western: Trump wants to be Rooster Cogburn or a look-alike

Unforgiven: Trumps’s idea of a good Supreme Court justice

Shoot Out at the OK Corral: Summary justice

Frankenstein: How Trump develops public policy

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