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Being mindful while developing a mind model (mind map) can produce a map of much greater quality, usefulness, and validity whether the map is developed by an individual or as part of a (brainstorming or other) group. Get calm and focused on the present and devoid of emotional states that may inhibit creative thinking and your map should be much better both after the first draft and after it is edited.

Remember mind mapping is a creative process focused on visualization. Psychologists have known for more than 50 years that visualization is a powerful tool best used when in a relaxed and focused state.

Give this try and you may improve your maps greatly. As I developed the concept of being in a mindful state over several years, I saw the creative process in my own maps become much better and easier to enter.

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A second post discusses how the act of developing a mind map or mind model can itself help you to become more mindful. Click here to see that post in a new window.


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