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There are many ways to greatly dementia care that are very inexpensive. Web sites need to be brought to higher standards for their materials, and the sites need to be more friendly to persons with dementia and caregivers. More support groups are needed: there are almost none for people with non-Alzheimer’s dementia. This whole blog is about using visual thinking methods for streamlining dementia care. Some may find the suggestion that clergy and their religious congregations can provide huge amounts of help is controversial. I do not think so as many persons with dementia and their caregivers turn to spiritual leaders for counseling in times of medical and interpersonal crisis. Clergy need to have access to the most recent information available on dementia to share and explain along with referrals to agencies and professionals who may also provide information and social services. Dementia-friendly religious services for those with dementia are rarely, if ever, provided. Special religious services tailored to ensure the age, medical, and cognitive disabilities of some congregation could be provided on weekday afternoons.

I note that most of the ideas I have suggested are currently being implemented in various locations. We need to make these methods globally available. And we need to greatly increase the quality, quantity, and usability of information available to those who want to provide dementia care services.

These ideas are very inexpensive to implement, and in most case largely consist of assisting those already work hard on these issues.

A mind model (aka mind map) is shown below. Click on the image to expand it.


Ways to Improve Dementia Care Very Inexpensively



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