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Stop it with the doom and gloom. After finding out that you have dementia, there is usually many years of life left. Are you going to devote it to I Love Lucy reruns or keeping active and enjoying life.

The mind model shown below does NOT recommended activities, therapy, or life strategies. Things do change when you have dementia and you should not make any changes in diet, exercise levels, financial procedures, and most other things without consulting your doctor, your family, and others who might be expert. This is very important because part of your dementia might be having poor judgment in many areas.

The figure is a mind model (AKA mind map) with some ideas that you might consider as you plan for having a full and enjoyable life, even while having to deal with some new things because of the condition. With a little help from your doctors, family, and friends you can get by, and YES, get by in a very good way.

dementia does not mean you have to give up many things you like

The songs of Joe Cocker often inspire me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get by with a little help from my friends, even if dementia sometimes causes me to sing a little off key.

joe1 joe2 joe3


And in case you forgot, the song was written by Lennon and McCarthy and here is the original sung by Ringo.


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