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A Mind Model is AKA a Mind Map (on steroids and constructed with a little thought about state-of-the-art theory and research as well a consideration of how people of all ages, experience and formal education levels, and cultures best understand information). The Mind Model is a significant improvement over the mind maps popularized and promoted by Tony Buzan.

The odds are, if you are less than 65, you know more about how a personal computer breaks down than you do about how your mind breaks down due to trauma or environmental factors or disease thus producing a group of symptoms we collectively call dementia.

Now remember, we KNOW that computers and brains do not process information in exactly the same way. God did a far better job at designing an operating system than did the 1000s of software engineers (and 100s of billionaires) at Microsoft.

Nonetheless, we can use what most people know about how the computer on their desk becomes internally damaged and obsolete to understand some of the processes of dementia in a summary way. Don’t take it all too literally and for goodness sake, do not try to run your brain on Windows.

A mind model (AKA mind map). Click on the image to expand.

My Computer has Dementia! Like Me.



Ever wonder what the difference is between Mind Maps developed by Buzan and Mind Models developed by me. Here is the cheat sheet in a Mind Model. Click on the image to expand it.

Mind Model vs  Organic-Style  Mind Map


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