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Doodling can be a very powerful tool for visual thinking for most people including those with dementia (neurocognitive disorder), typical aging, or mild cognitive impairment.

Doodles do not need to be art and in fact typically will not be even if you are artistically inclined since you primarily want to go fast and get ideas down.

Color is a very good feature as is outlined lettering colored in. And I am pretty convinced that this is productive for people in early and middle stages of dementia although there is no scientific literature that I am aware of that has formally studied this.

To also see the previous post on doodling, adult coloring books, imaginative drawing, and mind mapping, click here. The earlier post appears in a new window.

Click on the image (MindModel AKA MindMap) to expand it.

Why Do I Doodle (with  Neurocognitive Disorder)  Summer 2016



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