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You have been diagnosed with a brain condition. Re-learn how to think. Learn new information and how to use mental tools. Learn how to relax and feel more calm.

You have been learning all of your life. Recommit to continue learning, even if it is hard. The benefits can be great. Even if you only have a few more good days with your family or feel better about yourself part of the time, that may still be a very big gain in quality of life for you.


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To Live Well  with Dementia  You Need to Commit to  Being a  Life-Long Learner

Note 1: All of my posts in this blog and my graphics were prepared after I was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative condition in 2010. My most recent diagnosis was frontotemporal dementia.

Note 2: I do not endorse any of the commercial brain training computer programs, nor do I use any of these myself. All techniques suggested in the mind map above can be used with a piece of paper and a writing implement. I do suggest that you may want to use a general purpose computer program for mind mapping and/or sketching on a computer (I do) and also note that basic programs can be obtained for free or at a very low cost if you just want to try the methods. Even the most expensive of the relevant programs have free trial periods of various lengths.



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