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It ain’t over til its over. And I have yet to hear the mezzo-soprano. Or the dog howling.

When you find out that you have cognitive impairment or a dementia-causing disease, you need to move to IMMEDIATELY make some changes. The quicker you start the more likely it is that you can refocus your attention and remaining resources to help yourself, caregivers, family and others have a somewhat better quality of life than if you sit around and pout and bitch and act combative. Think positive. Plan. Follow your plan as well as you can.

No you cannot “beat” dementia although you can push back very hard and assure at least a little better quality of life for yourself and your family. If you can effectively refocus, you will have many “better” days and a few more memorable ones. And your family will be less stressed. And your family will be less stressed. And your family will be less stressed. Got it?

Here’s a mind map to help you get started. Make yourself go through the process of refocusing and things can improve for at least part of the time.

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Dementia Gives you a Chance to Refocus Your Life




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