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If you are a person with dementia, make up a mind map like this every so often and hand it to your caregivers and family. You will increase the chance they will flip on a show or music that you like. They really do want your preferences but if you do not state them, you might end up listening to Nicky Minaj instead of Lady GaGa

If you are a person who does not have dementia, make up a mind map like this every so often and hand it to your kids and partner-spouse and you may get something other than a tie for Fathers Day.

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The following presentation shows the mind map one section at a time. It will run automatically. Or, press the stop button in the presentation and use the arrow keys to manually go through the slides.

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Here are a few ways that mind maps can be used by a person with dementia that are extremely useful. I base this mind map on my own personal experience.

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What Makes a  Mind Map  Extremely Useful for Persons with Dementia  Any Combination of ...

The presentation below shows pieces of the large mind map above in sequentially. The presentation will run automatically or you can run it manually by pushing the stop button and then progressing through the presentation using the arrow keys.

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