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I feel like I am stuck in time.

My brain starts to calculate all of the usual stuff to determine the date and day of week and month so that all of those things we need to know every day (how warm is it, what kinds of clothes should we wear, is this an important day, does the day-month-season give us clues about what might happen today). These are all calculations most people take for granted as they go about their day and barely think about.

When I make such automatic calculations they take FOREVER and require huge amounts of ENERGY. And then just when you think you have it solved, all of those calculations go away and you have to start over again after you remember how to approach the problem.

My time sense is pretty screwed up. The individual with dementia you are, care for, or know may have a pretty messed up time sense too.

A mind map. Click on the image to expand.

Click here to see my first post on this topic of time sense in dementia.


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