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Since the 1960s, the US Congress has borrowed money from the Medicare and Social Security Trusts — money deducted from the salaries of all workers — and used it for defense, foreign aid, defense, social services, defense, medical services, wars, defense, bombs, and Congressional pork.

Now, Trusts funded by by workers’ salary deductions to pay for retirement living and healthcare expenses are supposedly going to go bankrupt because dementia is reportedly going to destroy these programs.

Truly one of the great cons in history. For decades Congress has committed fraud by stealing from the pension fund Trusts to pay for goodies for special interests that have resulted in their own re-elections.

Now, instead of getting mad at Congress and throwing the big violators in prison, we (or my children) are supposed to get angry at our parents for having dementia.

The US has prosecuted organized crime for decades for stealing from pension plans.

Somehow we forgot to prosecute the biggest violator.

Stop blaming dementia for the destruction of Social Security and Medicare. Responsible elected officials would not have stolen from these trusts or would not have enacted tax cuts while taking money from needed social network services from the future.

There is a way to fix this problem available to you in November. I hope you use it.


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