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I do. Thanks to lots of help and love and caring from many.

As I discuss throughout this blog, there are many things a person living with dementia can do to try to adjust so as to have a better life. Among those are using different tools to help with changes in memory and other brain functions, adjusting expectations, and establishing different patterns of behavior. Your brain can never return to its pre-disease state but you may be able to improve your quality of life by learning how to write an effective post-it note for reminders, mind map, explain your dementia to others, and plan. These are not treatments but rather ways to adjust so as to cope better. And coping better can improve your quality of life it it means less anxiety-filled time, or extra visits from family and friends, or being semi-independent longer, or shopping for your own groceries and planning meals.

Every little bit helps. Greatly. In maintaining quality of life for as long as possible.

Besides telling you to lose weight, walk as much as possible and not eat various foods with your medications, has you help care provider shown you how to make little adjustments or referred you to another agency or doctor who can do so.

Thought so. Healthcare models that include behavioral and cognitive interventions and refer you to a specialist who can help are few and far between. And your health insurance may have significant deficiencies for reimbursing you for the cost of such services.

Healthcare needs to reassess its vision of goals and working methods to help people who cannot gain much help from traditional pharmaceutical interventions to still achieve a good quality of life. See if your doctor or another healthcare provider can help.