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Have dementia? So do I. You and I and others can use Twitter responsibly to provide information and observations and comments to millions of others, any one of whom might use that information to make a difference in treatment systems, the development of pharmaceuticals, priorities for the use of tax dollars, or the care of a family member.

Pssstttt… these techniques are for anyone advocating for just about any social issue. Pick a good topic you know something about and become a One Person Advocacy Organization.

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Ways Twitter Can Help Persons with Dementia Help Others and Themselves


Nomenclature and acronyms greatly influence how we describe and study medical conditions. PWD or Person with Dementia is the current term. I like Person Living with Neurodegeneration or PLWN. Here’s why. On the other hand, PWD will probably still be in use long after I die.

The arguments for PLWN. Click mind map to expand.

PWD or PLWN Nomenclature


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