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The title does evoke a lot of imagery doesn’t it? And don’t tell me you love scary roller coasters. Based on my own experience over the last few years, I can guarantee you would not like this one. This roller coaster is guaranteed to terrify you and the terror only goes away for small stretches. And you cannot get off. Ever. Or at least until dedicated researchers find a cure or way to control the symptoms and further decline in dementia effectively.

The periods when you are not falling can be pretty good. But on a roller coaster you always know that at some time that big climb or plateau is going to be followed by a pretty long and “novel” period of terror. Sometimes you are in free fall with no gravity stabilizing you.

A mind map …

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And, by the way, I have hated scary roller coasters my whole life. Now I face one where there is no firm ground to look forward to. Or an end for the rest of my life.

Caregivers and family and friends, a friendly environment, and especially attempts to fight back and control your terror provide the moments of stability in the ride that make it tolerable, at least for a while. You can stay on the ride. Hold on tight.


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With a little help from your friends you can tame the roller coaster enough to stay on the train. You can live well with dementia even if you are in the middle of the roller coaster ride. I have. Just keep your hands on the safety bar.


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