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the five hypoPOTUSes

… and created a lot of fertilizer for the farms of the Midwest.

Just a simple little tale of five hippo critters who want to be the President of the United States. Hypothetically of course.

Bernie grazed on a vegetarian and sustainable lunch. He let the Press photograph the Iowa lettuce topped by red ketchup, white mayo, and bleu cheese. The lettuce was symbolic of the money he saved by having this simple meal.

The Donald bellowed that the other four were lions and that he had paid for his own lunch and even donated the left-overs to a homeless drug dealer illegally in the US from Mexico and a future terrorist from Syria. The Press did not press him on whether he intended to tax deduct the cost of the left-overs from his federal and New York taxes.

Marco found a nice place in the shade to reflect and gloat about the work he avoided in DC as a Senator. It was relaxing.

Ted bellowed louder because The Donald did. He had nothing else worth reporting to say.

Hillary snarled at her Server over lunch. Bill told her not to say anything else.

Footnote: And nobody thought about Jeb or Carly and whoever those other guys were. None had enough donations to afford lunch except Chris who dipped into the emergency contingency fund he carried. And Chris went to McDonald’s and bought three Big Macs to console himself at being relegated to The Donald’s punching bag and the footnote to this story. An EMT followed his every step.

A little satirical tale. Not the three pigs. Not the seven dwarfs. But the five hypoPOTUSes. Even if the story seems like it is about pigs and dwarfs or wolves wearing sheep pelts. No cookie crumbs here or clicking red high heels from which to get home. Goodnight Moon over Iowa City and Ames and Dubuque. A tale for children or a script for a tragedy. To be known in late November 2016.


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