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This book can improve all of your handwritten communications, reminder notes, task lists, shopping lists, and make the birthday cards you send more memorable.


Think about receiving a birthday card or letter that is handwritten beautifully and legible. It costs $20 and an investment of 2 hours to be able to do that.

Living off sticky notes like I have to with memory problems is not a lot of fun when you can’t tell if you are supposed to pick up mulch or milk at the store or if you have $51 or $62 in your checking account. When you don’t do what the sticky note you made to yourself says, you can’t use the “Even I can’t read my own handwriting” excuse unless you are willing to look (and feel) like a clown.

Love all of those self help books that provide advice that a step counter or “healthy salad of the month” or $100 personal planner or any food that comes from Greece or never eating French pastry or eating “Mor Chikin” or avoiding toxic personalities (what does that mean, only dealing with people who think you are perfect, skinny, smell nice and have no residual acne …) will greatly improve your life saving you from bad breath, an early coronary, or a lack of mindfulness?

This book will prepare you to deal with the necessary handwritten communications of life in a legible way that can also express a little of your own personality and maybe bring a smile of another person. I believe this works. And the proof is in my new handwriting style developed after two hours of reading and practice and a few 5 minute refresher courses.


I thought that it was a pretty good investment of money and time for making my day-to-day life better. You might too. At the very least you will be able to read your sticky notes and send you Mom a birthday card she can read.

[I have no relationship to the authors nor do I receive any money for recommending this product.]


Remember, some beautiful work has been handwritten (or maybe not).

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