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If you use a computer, you can easily create a compelling set of visual reminders. Or, if you are a caregiver, you can create this for another person.

My question to Google was to find the UNC basketball schedule for the rest of season.

Out popped this snappy graphic …


So I clipped it.

Then I sent the clipped image to my notes file, Evernote database, and my photograph database.

And then the Evernote, notes, and photograph databases on my Mac (which was using so I did the clip on it) synced with my iPad and iPhone automatically via the Cloud. Had I wanted to, I could have also had the information automatically sync to the devices of caregivers, friends, and social media friends.

So then I got so excited I also wanted to have a copy of the UNC baseball schedule for the first weeks of the season. So I clipped that and let the Cloud sync everything.


You have many more tools than your parents and grandparents did that will permit you to maintain a very good of quality of life even though you have neurodegenerative disease or are simply going through a typical process of aging.



Oh yeah, if you want to store dumb cat pictures you can do that. If you do, please don’t share them with me.

dumb cat pictures


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