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I have never seen People with Dementia listed as a group that is included in diversity training.

Why not? Increasing numbers of people with dementia are coming into your stores and restaurants to make purchases, your banks to make withdrawals (sometimes for many wrong reasons that add up to financial abuse), your movie theaters, your hospitals, and your sporting events.

The ones you see can live semi or fully independently until their diseases progress. They are your customers, friends, neighbors, fellow religious congregants, and vendors. At times they are even your presidents, prime ministers, legislators, and judges.

There are many locations, institutions, rules, elements of decor, printed materials, web sites, etc., that are unfriendly to those living semi-independently with dementia and continuing to function outside the home.

Better get the “rules” and “methods” for not discriminating against Persons With Dementia into your diversity training. Those you and your employees touch will be happy. So will your Legal Department.