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Somebody shows you a picture. You know the headline … John and Mary’s first baby, Bill’s college graduation, Hawaii on vacation. But what John and Mary were saying or how excited Bill was about his upcoming career and all the people he thanked or the details of the restaurant where you ate every night because it was so good. Gone. The content of the brackets is getting empty.

Headlines are great and I am very pleased to have them. At least now I still realize there are brackets to fill. But I can’t always fill them.

Just because I remember the headlines does not mean I remember what was in the brackets. Do not assume that I do.

I remembered to wash the frying pan from making eggs this morning. I can’t remember where it goes. When I locate the drawer by opening a bunch up, I cannot figure out how to get this fifth pan to fit in the drawer I know I will hold eight pans.

Story of my day.

Empty brackets.


Some days it feels like you are wearing a Cheesehead Hat as are these fans and players of the Green Bay Packers.

Empty brackets.


No cheese was harmed in the making of this post. Looks like some of these fans and players may do so damage to themselves, though.


[To the best knowledge of the writer, no individual in these pictures has dementia. Facial features have been blurred as have uniform numbers of players.]