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71 college football coaches in the USA make more than $1,000,000 yearly according to USA Today.

7 make at least $5,000,000 per year.

According to Harvard University, the current cost of a year at Harvard including tuition, room and board, fees, and miscellaneous items is $60,659.

For Nick Saban’s salary ($7,007,481, America’s highest paid college football coach at Alabama) 115.5 deserving, needy, and brilliant kids can go to Harvard. Toss in the annual salaries of the other 6 coaches who make more than $5,000,000 yearly and more than 500 kids can go to Harvard for free.

America’s highest paid college football coach or 115.5 kids going through Harvard learning STEM or liberal arts. Which do you think is the most likely to change society permanently and for the good of all including minority and other disenfranchised members?

In case you wonder, 10% of the current members of the US Congress have Harvard degrees as does the President and the President before him.

Look around the sideline at a college football game. There is a white head coach, a bunch of white assistants making in excess of $500,000 each per year, and 75 kids, primarily minorities who are unpaid and receive substandard college educations because they spend much of their time in practice and taking the easiest, lowest-quality courses on the advice of their tutors and coaches. The kids go out on the field and risk lifetime head and other injuries. 250 college students are drafted into the NFL each year and may receive salaries as high as their college coaches FOR A FEW YEARS (only).

Don’t tell me that the way to empower minority and other disenfranchised communities is to make football scholarships available to second-rate colleges to take third-rate courses. Yes there have been US Presidents who played college sports (Gerald Ford, football) and George H W Bush (baseball). But both Ford and Bush had degrees from Yale and Ford was an undergraduate at Michigan one of the finest public universities in the USA. Expensive private educations produce minority US Presidents, Senators, Representatives, CEOs, lawyers, physicians, Nobel Prize winners, and even, among the drop-outs from Harvard, two of the richest individuals in the USA. The first minority US President (Obama, who also won a Nobel Peace Prize) has degrees from Columbia and Harvard.

In contrast to the 71 college football coaches in the same top tax bracket, five professors in the United States make more than $1,000,000 per year. Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman (previously of Princeton) was criticized for accepting too much at $220,000 per year to join the faculty of the City University of New York, primarily because he is also perhaps the best liberal political commentator on the pages of the New York Times.

Nick Saban or a possible US president and likely CEOs and doctors? Nick Saban coaching boys. Harvard educating both girls and boys. Is Harvard or Nick Saban more likely to make a child from a poor, disenfranchised group a world leader, great humanitarian, or world-changing scientist?

Just a little more than half of Nick Saban’s annual salary could put his whole team through HARVARD or any of the most expensive private colleges in the USA.

Hey Nick, go find a real job. It might be difficult because you are not sufficiently educated to get a $220,000 teaching job at the City University of New York, but undoubtedly the NFL would take you back.