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This post is part of Huba’s Integrated Theory of Mind Mapping. You can access an index and links to the other posts about the theory by clicking here.

HITMM 2016

The Integrated Theory goes beyond any explanation of mind mapping for individuals with or without cognitive impairment that I have ever read and I am pretty familiar with the mind mapping literature as well as major extant theories in neuroscience.

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And, you ask, does this theorem also apply to those with typical brain functioning such as the typical managers at IBM needing to learn creativity and organization, students in schools from primary grades to students-for-life learning all types of curricula, healthcare providers, researchers, educators, the guy in the next cubicle who can never remember his meetings. Yes. The labels on the branches are a little different but the concepts are identical.

Huba’s Integrated Theory as applied to “typical” thinkers is discussed HERE.

Concerned that the theory looks kind of simple? It is actually quite complex. I spent more than a year trying to formulate it as simply as possible..

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